Private Party Menu Option 2

Southern Slow Roast Menu 

Choose 3:

– BBQ Pork Butt

– Texan 24 Hour Beef Brisket

– Cajun Spiced Whole Roast Chickens

– Fall Off The Bone Louisiana Sticky Pork Ribs

– Creole Pulled Quarter of Spiced Lamb

– All Roasted ‘Low and Slow’

Each Marinated in our Secret Recipe Rubs.
Tender as can be – Packed Full of Slow-Roasted Flavour

Served With the following Accompaniments:

Jack Daniels Smokey Sweet BBQ Glaze

Cajun Hot Pepper Sauce (not for the faint hearted)

Stubbs Legendary Hickory Bourbon BBQ Sauce

With The Following Accompanying Dishes:

Choose 4:

Memphis Style Crunchy Coleslaw

Big Bold And Perfect For Our Pulled Pork And Slow Roast Meats. A True Legend Of The Deep South. The Perfect Accompaniment. Combining Texture, Colour And A Zesty Depth Of Flavour.

Greek Salad

Ripe And Juicy Plum Tomatoes, Crisp Green Cucumber, The Finest Green & Black Olives Marinated In Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then The Ultimate Topper Slabs Of Greek Feta Cheese.

Corn Cobettes

Fresh Corn Cobettes Dripping With Warm Melted Butter.

Mac & Cheese

An All-American Classic.

Seasonal Green Leaf Salad

A Mixture Of Freshly Sourced Spring Leaves. With Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber and Spring Onions. Hand-Dressed By Our Chefs

Cajun Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges

Seasoned. Crisp On The Outside, Soft And Fluffy On The Inside

Skin-On Southern Style Whole Baked Potatoes

A Traditional Deep Southern Accompaniment


Home Made Vegetarian Option:

– Grilled Vegetable and Halloumi Wraps – with Tzatziki Sauce

– All Served With a Variety of Fresh Bread Rolls & Wraps

Served Onto High Quality Disposable Crockery, With Disposable Cutlery OR China Crockery And High Quality Cutlery. With High Quality Disposable Napkins

This Menu Includes:

Serving tables with tablecloths and napkins.

Catering gazebo and lights.

All our rubbish to be cleared away discretely and taken off site.

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