Catering For 200 Guests At A Wedding In Sywell Aerodrome!

Northamptonshire - team selfie2Hog Roast Sywell were delighted to be asked to cater at a wedding for 200 people and guests at Sywell Aerodrome; the Force was certainly with us this day as the event also took on a Star Wars theme!  Weddings certainly come in all shapes and sizes; some traditional and some quirky – we were very intrigued at first that the event was held at an aerodrome but what a great event it was.

Here at Hog Roast Sywell, we clearly understand that a couple’s wedding is one of the most important events of their lives and we always ensure that our service is professional, friendly and high quality and with precise attention to detail.  We are aware that there are many good caterers for this type of event but what makes us great, is this meticulous attention to detail and the high quality of our food and service.

We have six menus available for wedding events ranging from an entry level option through to more formal options with evening buffet options too and we know that the choice of menu for this type of event is crucial to its success.  For this occasion, the client wanted our Southern Slow Roast on China plates and with the wedding cake to be cut and served too.  Our middle name is “flexibility” and with all weddings having different requirements, we always ensure that we are adaptable to any last-minute requirements.

Event planning is a fundamental part of seamless service and with a serving time of 5.30pm, we arrived at the venue in good time and liaised with the organisers to discuss the arrangements and began to set up and once done, immediate interest was apparent in what we had to offer with many of the guests fascinated by the sight of the hog roasting Northamptonshire - wedding tableaway and the fabulous, aromatic flavours that were emanating from our roast and from the wide selection of food that we would be serving.

The event ran without any hitch as you would expect and we received many compliments from the guests relating to the high quality of the food and professional service; Hog Roast Sywell were very proud to contribute to the success of this event and wish the newlyweds all the best for the future.