Hog Roast FAQ

Q. A hog roast looks expensive, I am not sure if I can afford it?

Compared to many other catering choices we are a very reasonably priced option to cater for a large or small party. Many customers are shocked to hear our prices after seeing what service they receive. We have menus available that will suit any price range, you may even find that a few added extra will still fit into the budget!

Q. Why should I choose you to cater for my event?

The Spitting Pig has over 25 years of experience in the hog roast industry, we can say that we are the hog roasting experts. With our finest sources, free range local products and ingredients we do create the best tasting Hog Roast in Northamptonshire. Once you’ve tasted it for yourself, the flavours are unforgettable. Give us a call today to discuss out fantastic menu options and hear for yourself why we really stand out from the crowd!

Q. I have some vegetarians and vegans attending my event, will this be an issue?

Many people worry that having a hog roast will leave out the vegetarians, vegans and not forgetting those who are gluten free, which would not be the case with Spitting Pig. We have some fantastic menu alternatives so that your vegetarian and vegan guests will feel just as included. We always tend to make extra as even the meat eaters take a liking to them, especially our vegetarian BBQ skewers! It is often that guests who are gluten free are forgotten about, we will have a selection of gluten free bread rolls and wraps for your guests to choose from.

Q. Not all of my guests like pork, can I choose a different meat?

Yes, although hog roasts are our speciality and what we are famous for we do still offer a range of other meats for you to choose from. A selection from lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, all the way through to BBQ options. You will definitely find a meat that all of your guests will love!

Q. I am on a restricted budget, will it be more cost effective to hire the machine and cook myself?

The option for hiring a hog roast machine is a great option for those who are on a strict budget, yet still want the amazing flavours of a hog roast. We can provide the meat of your choice within our hire packages, along with a gas bottle and a FREE delivery and collection service. Our machines are very easy to use and on delivery we will talk you through the process. Having a hog roast couldn’t come at a better cost with our DIY service.

Q. I am worried that it might rain, will this stop you from catering?

Unfortunately the weather is the one thing we cannot take the worry away for! However we can cook indoors as well as outdoors. We have a gazebo that we bring to protect the food from the rain, however that would not protect your guests. A great option would be to hire a marquee for the event if you don’t have the option to move your guests inside. The rain will not stop a hog roast going ahead!

Q. I don’t have an exact number of guests, how many guests will a pig feed?

Not a problem, for your initial quote we only need an estimated number of guests so we can understand what size of pig we will require. You may even find that adding a number of guests onto your booking might not even change the price! An average sized pig will provide 160 sandwiches or 100 plated meals. However we do have the option to buy smaller or larger pigs depending on the size of your event.

Q. Do you provide cutlery?

We do, and your free quote does include disposable plates and cutlery. However we do offer packages with upgraded cutlery if you are hosting a more formal event.

Q. How do I know if a hog roast is a good choice for my event catering?

A hog roast is the perfect catering for event type of event, at the Spitting Pig we offer such diverse menus that you will be certain to please all of your guests. What beats slow roasted, succulent, tender meat? If you haven’t tasted our famous crispy crackling before it’s a definite show stopper!