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Corporate catering calls for something all together different than run of the mill party catering, a great corporate event is distinct from a great birthday party or wedding and we know more than anybody that you need something different, something all together more apt for your event, whether it’s a business breakfast or a corporate seminar, we have the catering you need for your corporate occasions.

Whatever the case a hog roast for your corporate needs is the best choice out there.

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Spitting Pig Northamptonshire has the most tantalisingly tasty hog roast; our hog roasts are the result of an immensely talented team of caterers, who’ve built up a skill set without equal, talent that’s underpinned by an abundance of real life experience. The innate talent that’s present in all our chefs – and all our staff, actually – is the reason that we can boast a track record of thousands of events, all of which have been undertaken and completed without hitch. We aim to please at every corporate event we cater, and our aims are always realised because we’re willing to go that extra mile further in the quest to give you a hog roast that’s utterly flawless. The commitment that we show to our customers, irrespective of how big or small their event, is indicative of our passion for hog roasting – and it’s also an underlying factor in the popularity of Spitting Pig Northamptonshire. People choose Spitting Pig for their corporate catering needs because they’re aware of our aversion to mediocrity.

Over the years we’ve catered for everybody from celebrities and royals to small-business owners, and what they all have in common is that they love our illustrious hog roast! And you can’t fault them for that. Hog roasts are all you could wish for in catering, and a bit more for effect. Our hog roast catering is a full sensual experience that isn’t done justice by raving about just the tremendous food, just as striking with Spitting Pig catering is the sights and smells of our hog roasts. A hog roast by Spitting Pig will fill the air with the most pleasant and tempting culinary aromas known to man, and as far as visuals go there really isn’t anything out there to hold a candle to the salient sights of an 80kg pig or 25 whole Hog Roast Carvingchickens going round and round on our remarkably designed stainless steel hog roast machines. The machines we cater with are hot-sellers, rated highly for the productivity and aesthetics. Our chefs and machines are an unbeatable combination.

The Spitting Pig machines used for a hog roast at corporate events are exceptionally versatile, putting us in a position to hog roast for 20 people or 1,000 people. We couldn’t care less how big or how small an event is, regardless of circumstance we love hog roasting and can come to your corporate occasion and rustle up the fullest flavoured roast pig you’ll ever come across in your life. You don’t have to make compromise for your corporate event because we have numerous menus, and we even have a bespoke menu option if you fancy putting your creativity to the test and working with us to make a new hog roast menu.

We’ve so many menus and such a great range of food, you’ll easily be able to find something you want for your corporate hog roast. Once you’ve found a superlative menu for your event the next step is to start the booking process, and you’ll soon come to realise that we really do live up to the hype surrounding us. We’ll help you to start the organising of your event, however we can, whether it’s lending our expertise and giving you professional advice on a venue, based on our many experiences within Northamptonshire, or putting you in the direction of a marquee, our staff will strive to help you in whichever way that they can.

What’s truly wonderful about Spitting Pig corporate catering is that we’re strong across the board. The canapes and starters that we serve are no less delicious and technically brilliant than our roasted pig, likewise our puddings and salads are just as tasty as a roast chicken or lamb meal. If you took the best hog roasters in the country and the best conventional event caterers you still wouldn’t have a company quite as good all-round as we are. Our craft has been finely perfected over many years of hard work and front-line experience, and today you can’t find a corporate caterer better than us, or as reasonably priced as we are.

All of these are reasons why Spitting Pig Northamptonshire is the only choice for a professional hog roast and the reason that year after year our customer base continues to grow, with clients coming back to us again and again for their hog roasts. We do hog roasting and catering, and hog roast catering especially, better than anybody else. Why pigs 17choose anybody but Spitting Pig for your corporate catering.

You can also hire a machine directly from Spitting Pig Northamptonshire or buy a machine from us, especially if you’re a large company and have many corporate catering needs. Buying or hiring machines is a very good substitute to our catering. As a long term investment especially there’s no better option than buying a machine. The machines aren’t too difficult to use, in fact we’ll show you how to use the machines and it only takes a few minutes to explain because there’s not much to it. So if you do hire or buy a machine you can be comfortable in the fact that you can hog roast without having to pay a specialist to do it for you. So long as you have somebody check on the pig as it cooks every now and again you’ll be laughing, because the hog roast machine does the bulk of the work for you.

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