Christmas is Coming – Hog Roast Raunds!

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Hog Roast Raunds last week as they served their first festive menu of the season at Snap-on UK Holdings in Kettering.

The menu consisted of whole roasted Turkey’s, cooked for 4-hours to ensure soft and tender meat. The Turkey was to be served with traditional cranberry sauce and flavourful sage and onion stuffing in a selection of Artisan breads. Hog Roast Raunds’s artisan breads include French stick, cheesy rolls, tiger rolls, crusty rolls, wholemeal rolls, soft white rolls and wraps. It gives the guests a range of choice and therefore providing a positive atmosphere. To accompany the turkey, a medley of seasonal vegetables was served including green beans, mange-tout, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and the addition of Brussel sprouts for their festive twist! A Christmas favourite pig in blankets were also indulged and finished with a serving of rich gravy. A plate of pure festive perfection for the guests to enjoy! 

Hog Roast RaundsAs the 11am serve arrived, the guests dived in to the festive feast, giving their gratitude to the team and looking very excited to tuck into their lunch. As the serve would be over a few hours, the team had a 6-burner oven with them to ensure that the vegetables, meats and gravy would be enjoyed nice and fresh for each seating.

At hog roast Raunds the vegetarian and vegan skewers are usually made with mushrooms, however due to an allergy within the company they requested that mushrooms would be substituted for something else which of course catering managers Ben and Beth obliged. They substituted the mushrooms with sweetened cherry tomatoes and adding on red onion for extra flavour. 

The food was served on Hog Roast Raunds’s wooden crockery, a popular choice and eco-friendly as the plates are bio-degradable. 

All the food was thoroughly enjoyed by all guests, another successful event for Hog Roast Raunds.