Hog Roast Chacombe Dinner for a Darts Team

The Hog Roast Chacombe team had a rather rowdy and enjoyable night last Saturday when we treated a local darts team to one of our legendary hog roast buffets. The team captain Dave and the landlord of their local had put their heads together to come up with a fitting treat for the lads after having such a good run against their rivals from other pubs.  So good in fact, as Dave was all too happy to mention several times during our initial conversation, they had come top of the league and deserved a party to celebrate!  Something special, but not too fussy, was our brief. Dave wanted a traditional hog roast without ‘too many fiddly bits’ as he put it, so the team could enjoy the food whilst still being able to have a celebratory pint to toast their success. Whilst we are aficionados of ‘fiddly bits’ (i.e. a vast choice of delicious salads and sides to accompany our selection of slow-roasted meats), we were as always, happy to comply with Dave’s wishes and keep it simple, with our traditional tender, slow-roasted hog, crispy crackling and velvety apple sauce served in freshly baked buns.

Dave’s darts dynamos were in excellent spirits when they arrived at the pub, especially when they got a whiff of the mouth-watering pork, which had already been roasting for several hours before they got there. At Hog Roast Chacombe, we always prepare everything fresh on-site and time it perfectly, so we are ready to serve up exactly when you want us to. The darts team were certainly a boisterous bunch, but our sociable chef was more than happy to have a bit of banter with them as he expertly carved the meat. To be honest, we think he was making the most of being in the limelight and only pretending to be modest when the compliments came flooding in after everyone had tasted the food! With flavours as big and bold as the personalities in the room, the hog roast went down a storm with the triumphant darts players. We may not be able to score a treble twenty between us, but where food and ambiance are concerned, Hog Roast Chacombe hits the spot every time!