Hog Roast Towcester Catering For A Small Birthday Party Gathering

When you’re thinking of hiring catering services for your special occasion, no matter the type of party or event you have in mind, Hog Roast Towcester are the ones to call. We can provide so much more than a hog roast if needed, though you’ll surely be missing out if you don’t have one of our centrepiece hog roasts cooked for you and your guests. If you fancy our pigs in buns or a hot meal with fresh pork, crackling, apple sauce, sage and onion stuffing, vegetables, potatoes and gravy, our dedicated professionals can easily do that for you, but we have plenty of other options too. 

Whether it’s spit-roasted lamb, beef, chicken or turkey, a full barbecue of ribs, gourmet sausages and burgers that are 100% beef, or our amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu that features no less than three meats and four sides, we have something for everyone. That also means that if you have invited any guests with dietary needs, they’ll get to enjoy our food too, as we make sure that we have options for all kinds of tastes and diets. 

For a birthday party that we catered locally recently, at the customer’s home, Hog Roast Towcester was asked us to cook a hog for 20 guests and also to provide a vegan option for one. The small cooked hog would make pigs in buns, a great speciality of ours, which you may know as hog roast rolls instead – basically, we prepare and then roast a quality, local hog to absolute perfection, and then stuff bits of the meat and crackling into soft, floury bread rolls, add a dollop of apple sauce and a spoonful of sage and onion stuffing (both of which are homemade by us) and voila – pigs in bun, Hog Roast Towcester style!

The vegan option for this party would be our veggie skewers but without the halloumi cheese, and instead just featuring fresh, grilled cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, courgette, red onion and peppers. 

Our team cooked up a storm on this December day and no one cared even a tiny bit about the cold outdoors, as our lovely hot food warmed them up from the insides out.