The Best Christmas Turkey In The Biz, Only At Hog Roast Weldon

Christmas isn’t all to far away now, which for Hog Roast Weldon means one of the busiest times of the year. As a caterer the Christmas season brings in a lot of booking requests, be it for staff nights out, social club nights, school Christmas parties or otherwise. Just about everyone has a reason to bring in great roast catering like Hog Roast Weldon’s at the end of the year, and we do our best to make sure the majority that come to us don’t end up disappointed without a booking.

Hog Roast WeldonOf course we always take the rush to book our services as a compliment. As you well know by now, Hog Roast Weldon specialises in roast dining for events, so what better a caterer to tackle the roast dinner of the year than us? We bring all of our expertise in creating juicy, flavoursome roasts to your Christmas dinner. Your Christmas favourites such as the roasted turkey, Brussel sprouts, roast potatoes, etc, get even better with our specialist spit roasting methods. Even though spit roasting isn’t the typical roasting method for turkey, we find that it makes for an even better dish. For one turkey often has the association of being a dry meat to eat when roasted, but with spit roasting you can ensure plenty of moist juiciness is circulated through every part of the excellent white meat. There won’t be a dry bite in the entire bird, and you’ll also have plenty of delicious crispness on the golden skin too, giving a well textured and seasoned eating experience in every bite.

For us this approach to the Christmas turkey helps to set us apart and also ensures our regular quality shines through. When you are already known for and beloved for something, why change up the formula? Customers get a unique Christmas dining experience with us; they get all their favourite Christmas foods made with our specialist Hog Roast Weldon approach and served in a style that is as magical as the season itself. There’s a reason we’re undoubtedly the best in the biz for Christmas catering!

So, come get yours today while are limited bookings are still available.