Corporate Catering For 75 Employees From DHL Supply Chain

Hog Roast Hardingstone were delighted to be asked to cater by Luker at DHL for their Supply Chain department in Northampton for around 75 people; the organisation is a significant employer in this area and wanted something a little different for the event.

Hog Roast Hardingstone regularly delivers corporate event hospitality alongside catering for private parties and wedding events and is renowned for very high-quality food and services with a difference!  For corporate events, it is crucial to have a range of menus as clients’ expectations are often quite different Warwickshire - hogmasterranging from formal dining to grass-roots paper plate events and from less than 100 participants to over 500.  Hog Roast Hardingstone has five different menus to choose from to accommodate the venue location, style and budget for each organisation; we recognise the absolute requirement for professionalism and good impressions so that the client’s staff and partners can be assured that they are in good hands and we consistently deliver top class results for all of our clients.  The client in this case asked us to provide our Slow Roasted Hog tailored with veggie skewers as an alternative and with pasta, Caesar salad, coleslaw and potato wedges as sides and with an informal service.  Whatever the menu you can always be guaranteed that the food that we serve will be delicious and mouth-watering!

As well as catering for corporate events, Hog Roast Hardingstone regularly caters for private parties, charity events and weddings with varied menus to suit any occasion and in all cases, we liaise very closely with the client to ensure that all expectations are met.  This includes when and where to set up and, in this case, careful co-ordination was required as serving time needed to be flexible and as required between 3pm and 6pm but nothing that our head chef Ben couldn’t handle.

We started up the hog roast around an hour before serving and once the hog roast was up to temperature, the guests arrived for their food with many commenting how tasty it was and how amazing the crackling tasted with many coming back for seconds!