Hog Roast Kettering Inspired By Puerto Rico’s At A Theatre Event

Did you know that the hog roast is part of Puerto Rico’s national dish? A new musical entitled ‘Temple of the Souls’ debuted at the Kettering Theatre last week and Hog Roast Kettering were asked to provide our slow roasted pig to satisfy the specially invited guests on the press night. The show is set in Puerto Rico and the theatre’s press/marketing team impressively styled the launch event around the culture.

Hog Roast KetteringIn the middle of the building near the stage door, there is an open-air courtyard, which was decorated with Puerto Rican influence in mind, plus salsa music was pumped into the space over the backstage tannoy during the performance.  We were not due to feed the guests until the show’s interval at approximately 8.30pm but we did create a hubbub amongst staff as the delicious smells of the Hog Roast Kettering feast circulated the building before people clocked off!

From one hour before the show, press and VIP’s began to arrive and after collecting their tickets, swarmed into a large hospitality room located just off the courtyard. The theatre served up piña coladas, both with and without rum, which were going down extremely well! There were a lot of people eyeing up our set-up outside saying that they couldn’t wait to dig in!

Our pig was ready to sample at around 8.20pm, just in time. A couple of eager beavers even came out of the auditorium slightly early to get to the front of the queue, despite the fact that there was plenty to go round! Our slow roasted pig was served up with classic applesauce, stuffing and crackling with a selection of bread rolls and wraps.  We also prepared a mofongo dish (off-menu) for the vegetarians at the event. Although Puerto Rico isn’t exactly known for its vegetarian food, the mofongo (which is a plantain based dish) seemed a relevant choice and it talk us a thing or too as well! There were also some side salad options available.

Possibly the most stylised event we have been a part of and one we at Hog Roast Kettering certainly won’t forget it!