Hog Roast Upton – Corporate Catering For Goodrich Consulting LLP

Hog Roast Upton were delighted when we were recently approached by Marie from the local company Goodrich Consulting LLP to cater at their event for 60 people at The Elgar Centre on the High Street in Upton.

Hog Roast Upton, has delivered corporate event hospitality alongside catering for private parties and wedding events for many years now and is renowned for very high-quality food and services.   For corporate events, it is crucial to have a range of menus as clients’ expectations are often quite different ranging from formal dining to grass-roots paper plate events and from less than 100 participants to over 500.  Hog Roast Upton has a Northamptonshire - pig6wide range of different menus to choose from to accommodate the venue location, style and budget for each organisation; we recognise the absolute requirement for professionalism and good impressions so that the client’s staff and partners can be assured that they are in good hands and we consistently deliver top class results for all of our clients.  The client in this case asked us to serve our slow roasted hog in a roll and, as with all of our menus, we can also tailor them for any particular or specific requirements and add desserts, starters, salads, fish courses etc.  In this case the client also wanted our veggie skewers and additional sausages.  We believe that our flexibility alongside our outstanding food and professional service makes us stand out from the rest; there are many good caterers out there but we believe we are great and feedback from our clients reinforces this!

With a serving time of 2.30, we arrived well before we were due to serve to setup and liaised with Marie.  Once we started roasting the hog, the delicious aromas caught the attention of some nearby guests who became immediately interested in what we would be serving.  The feedback from many of the diners, was that they had not tasted a hog roast as delicious as this and commented at the taste of the crackling and meat that we served and the quality of our food.  Needless to say, we hope that Hog Roast Upton will be invited back for the next event!