Birthday Celebrations – Hog Roast Westbury

If you’re hankering for some gorgeous slow-roasted pork for your special occasion, let us know the number of guests you’re inviting and we’ll do the math for how big of a centrepiece hog roast Westbury to cook up. Just one of our hogs can feed dozens of guests and, depending on its size, could even feed a couple of hundred people! This depends on whether you’re having hog roast Westbury rolls or a winter warmer of meat and veg or a different kind of menu of ours, and whether you’re eating off real plates or disposable ones.

For his 35th birthday celebration, our frequent customer Joe asked us to cook a huge beast for his 25 guests, which would feed everyone several times if needed and still leave plenty of leftovers, but he wanted to do something special with those leftovers. Joe works in a local special needs unit and while he wanted to invite all of the residents there to his birthday party, it wasn’t possible, so he decided that he would take the hog roast Westbury to them instead afterwards.

We arrived at Joe’s house early on Friday to set up our equipment and lovingly prepare the meat for a good old roasting for several long hours. Joe had asked for our speciality of hog roast rolls for his party, as he had tried them several times before and has never got tired of them. To make our pigs in buns, once the hog has roasted until it has a perfectly juicy middle and a perfectly crispy outer, we carve off the crackling and slice off pieces of the meat and fill bread rolls with both and our homemade apple sauce and stuffing. Add any condiments of your choice and voila – pigs in buns to die for.

More than six hours later and the hog was finally resting and waiting to be sliced up to feed the hungry guests who had all arrived by now. We got to work slicing the buns and filling dishes with the sage and onion stuffing and sauces and then got out the carving knives. Once everyone had more than their fill, we filled trays with plenty of hot meat slices and put together more pigs in buns for everyone at Joe’s work, and kept them warm until the birthday meal was over and Joe could deliver them himself.