Bringing The Easter Holiday Feeling To The Office With Hog Roast Barby Corporate Catering

Hog Roast BarbyWe all know the feeling. When your holidays are just on the other side of the week and those final few days at work can start to feel like a lifetime. But, you too can beat the hump like our local business partner Graham managed this past week by inviting a Hog Roast Barby team out to your office to help bring that holiday spirit early to your workplace with excellent hog roast dining served fresh at the office. It’s an easter surprise that can hop right into your place of work and get those final days running fast again!

Graham is a long friend of Hog Roast Barby, having been an early adopter of our corporate catering partnership some few decades ago. He runs his own local media firm which specialises in documenting and covering local art projects and novel community stories. Since some of these projects often require long days Graham has regularly invoked Hog Roast Barby’s catering services to help feed his team and push them on through some of the harder shoots.

Hog Roast BarbyGraham’s team were due to break up this week for the Easter holidays, but he reckoned his team both needed and deserved a little pick me up in that final week before their break. That is where Hog Roast Barby were happy to help. Graham called us up and asked if we could deliver our special Easter dining menu to his team at work in the week, so we loaded up our hog roasting machines, grabbed our ingredients and got set up early in the morning at the media firm’s offices.

For the modest team of 18 we had one hog roast and one lamb roast which was cooked on site to be ready fresh at lunchtime. Along with our meat roasts we also whipped up a batch of roast potatoes, some veg and halloumi skewers, and freshly made coleslaw and a selection of mixed leaves for colour. It was an excellent break for the team and has helped to ease them into their holidays perfectly.

If you too need to bring some Easter spirit to your workplace then call us up today!