Hog Roast Wappenham Served A Luxury Wedding Feast

Hog Roast WappenhamHog Roast Wappenham’s expert catering manager, Ben, led an incredible food service at Melissa and Jared’s traditional English wedding last Saturday!

The head-over-heels couple had been looking forward to their big day for as long as they had been dating, and as a result, they had a very particular vision in mind for how they wanted their special day to go. It was Hog Roast Wappenham’s job to turn their vision into a reality, and Ben and the team certainly didn’t let the couple down!

Matching the tone of the lavish Georgian-style country house Melissa and Jared had chosen as their venue, our caterers served our Formal Wedding Catering Menu with an evening buffet. This gorgeous banquet kickstarted with complimentary drinks, served to guests by our serving staff, and appetising hors d’oeuvres, comprising mini fish and chips, smoked Scottish salmon, mini quiche, chicken liver parfait and handmade gourmet sausages.

These mouth-pleasing nibbles were the perfect gateway to the sit-down menu and proved to be the ideal distraction for the guests; allowing the newlyweds to slip away for some personal photos. When Jared and Melissa rejoined the group, Hog Roast Wappenham quickly started dishing up the heritage tomato and beetroot carpaccio starter, which was served to each of the seated guests.

Hog Roast WappenhamWhile the wedding party munched through the first course, Hog Roast Wappenham busied themselves with the main course. As the rest of the team tossed salads, prepped the potato dish, set out the bread baskets and ensured the accompaniments were ready to be paired with each main, Ben flawlessly carved the hog roast and English lamb, both of which were beautifully tender and infused with flavour.

As the aromas from the buffet filled the air, the guests didn’t hesitate to collect a plate and start piling on the goods! Everyone was really impressed with the amount of choice available, which meant they were all able to find something to their liking.

Fresh fruit salad and vacherins of strawberries with passion fruit cream rounded off the main meal, after which the guests hurried through to the ballroom to see the couple perform their first dance and cut the wedding cake before embarking on a long night of dancing, drinking and chatting. Before Hog Roast Wappenham headed home for the night, our team sliced up the rest of the wedding cake, which they dressed with ripe berries, English cream and a fruity coulis and served as a buffet alongside hot bacon and sausage barms.