Corporate Hospitality Specialists – Hog Roast Gretton

When our new customer Roger asked Hog Roast Gretton to cater a large party for his business event, he had been recommended to us by colleagues who had enjoyed not only our tasty food but been impressed by our excellent service too. We’ve spent years perfecting our menus and working hard to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations, and one way we do that is by offering plenty of choice and variety with our menus.

Hog Roast GrettonWhile our Hog Roast Gretton hog roast centrepieces are to die for, whether we cook one for you from scratch on the day of your party or event to make our famous pigs in buns or a plated meal together with seasonal vegetables and potatoes, as well as our homemade gravy and all the trimmings, we also understand the need to offer our customers more, and that’s to either cater for special diets, bigger appetites or differing personal tastes.

We can cook you spit-roasted meat instead of or as well as a hog roast if preferred, like slowly-roasted chickens, turkeys, beef or lamb, or we can barbecue sausages, beefburgers and ribs. We can freshly-make vegetarian quiche, kebabs or stuffed veg, and we can make them vegan or plant-based if needed. Plus if you need us to provide additional homemade options, like starters, desserts, sides, or canap├ęs, we can easily do that too, regardless of the number of guests you’re inviting or the formality of your occasion.

For Roger’s corporate hospitality menu, Hog Roast Gretton went through various options with him in advance, such as telling him about our current winter warmer, our new loaded fries and our year-round Southern Slow Roast, and for his eighty guests, he decided on mains of our delectable pigs in buns and veggie skewers, with sides of homemade coleslaw, jacket potatoes and mac and cheese, with the latter four all suitable for his vegetarian guests.

We catered Roger’s function yesterday afternoon, where his guests were treated to delicious dishes made fresh and from quality local ingredients. By the end of service, after filling plenty of hungry tummies, our chef and assistants cleared away and left everyone more than satisfied.