Hire A Hog Roast Machine – Rothwell

We got a call from a possible customer recently, asking if we would be able to roast a hog in a special marinade for him. We always love to help to make your party or function a triumph, and in this case, the person asking had made an award-winning sauce that he wanted to show off to his nearest and dearest. We told him that we would be happy to, and mentioned that we also hire out our own hog roast machines if he wanted a DIY roast. In a split second, Marlon knew he wanted to cook his own pig in his own marinade himself instead of hiring us to cater the party!

You can hire one of our superb, stainless steel machines for a day, a week or longer. We can provide a gorgeous, locally-sourced pig, if you prefer, or we can give you advice on what size you can use and how long it will take to cook. Plus we can deliver the equipment to your home and collect it when you’re done. We don’t just drop it off and leave you to it, either; we show you how to easily cook a hog roast Rothwell in one of our machines, including how to prepare it and what to keep an eye on while it’s cooking. Once you’re happy with what to do, we leave you with detailed instructions in case you need to refer back while cooking.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Marlon when I dropped off one of our Titan hog roasting machines and a quality pig from one of our trusted suppliers. I walked him through how to use the machine and once he was happy with it, I left him to his own devices (but not until he let me try his prize-winning marinade, which was delightful).

When I went to collect the machine, Marlon showed me photos of his hog roasting event with lots of family and friends, and the pig looked like it has been cooked by a pro! He never knew he wanted to be a pig roaster until now, and he’s even thinking about buying his own machine from us, as he’s now hooked on this way of cooking, he can’t wait for another hog roast in Rothwell.