Hog Roast Harpole Served A Quizmas Feast That Won’t Be Forgotten!

Hog Roast HarpoleWhen George, a passionate pub owner, wanted to turn his establishment into a bustling hub of activity, he reached out to Hog Roast Harpole for a unique solution.

Inspired by the spirit of the season, George envisioned a festive-themed pub quiz; a Christmas event that would not only entertain, but also draw in more patrons. Eager to elevate the experience, he partnered with Hog Roast Harpole to provide our mouth-watering Festive Menu for the ticket holders.

Our catering manager, Ben, with the assistance of the Hog Roast Harpole team, rose to the occasion, crafting a fabulously festive feast that left a lasting impression on the quiz-enthusiasts. At the heart of the menu was, of course, our freshly-cooked free-range turkey; expertly cooked and paired with cranberry sauce and homemade sage and onion stuffing. Attendees were delighted to discover that the turkey was not only packed full of flavour, but also incredibly moist and juicy, to boot!

The sides were equally impressive, featuring moreish pigs in blankets, creamy cauliflower cheese, crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside roasties, glazed sprouts, and a medley of green beans, peas, and carrots. Hog Roast Harpole ensured that even non-meat-eaters had a delightful array of choices, offering grilled vegetable kebabs with the option of halloumi, tzatziki dip, and flatbreads.

Hog Roast HarpoleAs the event unfolded, participants marvelled at the tantalising treats before them, their taste buds treated to a selection of festive flavours. The meal reached its perfect conclusion with mince pies and mulled wine, creating a cosy and heartwarming atmosphere that encapsulated the spirit of Christmas.

The success of George’s festive pub quiz, coupled with the rave reviews of the Festive Menu provided by Hog Roast Harpole, cemented the pub’s status as a vibrant and welcoming venue.

As attendees revelled in the festive cheer and indulged in a culinary experience to remember, it became clear that George’s vision had come to life with the perfect blend of trivia and tantalising treats. The Xmas pub quiz had not only brought people together for an evening of fun, but had also established George’s pub as a must-visit destination this holiday season!