Hog Roast Lilbourne – Christening

With winter now here and summer behind us we are still very very busy at Hog Roast Lilbourne! We have lots of bookings for the months ahead and into next year too. We love being busy and when things get too hectic we get more staff so it’s all good! Sunday we were catering for a Christening and the sun was shining which we didn’t expect.

With it being such a nice day the couple asked us if we could cater in the garden instead and we said it was no problem at all we have our huge gazebo which we carry everywhere just in case of a turn of bad weather and we are catering outside. A fairly simple and easy menu but just as tasty and we make all our events a sheer banquet. One hundred guests were expected and sausages were placed on the machine big juicy sausages only the finest we ever use from a first class butcher we know. Some spicy diced potatoes were too put onto cook another classic favourite from guests, we mix special herbs and spices with oil and coat the potatoes in the mixture then put on to roast so delicious and ever so filling too. We made some vegetable skewers we threaded chucks of red peppers, mushroom, tomatoes and courgette onto sticks, which take literally minutes to cook. We made a lovely fresh salad and peeled and chopped a mountain of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and spring onions and made lovely vinaigrette dressing we make everything from scratch and always a crowd pleaser are our dips!

Garlic, tomatoes and mustard, which go with every meat and salad. When the Christening party arrived we were started to plate the Hog Roast Lilbourne, the sausages looked amazing retaining their size and shape full of meat the potatoes crisp on the out side and nice and fluffy inside. The baby sat happily gurgling away to its self as the guests tucked into the Hog Roast Lilbourne we had lots of lovely compliments from the guests and as we left we handed out some cards and lots of guests were keen to find out more so we will be expecting a few call backs as we normally do.