Show Catering – Hog Roast Pipewell

We travelled north last Saturday morning heading to a horse show to provide a Hog Roast Pipewell, we have catered for these guys before and they are lovely people. Every year they have a presentation for the best horses and for the past five years we have been privileged to be a part of that! We brought with us chicken and lots of it too!

We placed lots of split chickens on the larger machine and sausages on the other. We have a fantastic award-winning butcher who supplies us with the sausages they are made from one hundred percent beef or pork and he is adventurous and makes an array of different flavours, which our guests love. We placed some sausage buns in baskets and then set about making the other dishes for the Hog Roast Pipewell.

We filled bowls with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and cheeses we then placed pots of our homemade relish and chutneys on the tables. On the centre of the table we placed a dressed poached salmon and it truly was a sight to see! We put so much effort into our presentation along with the cooking as we think it is just as important as at first glance you do eat with your eyes. We were just about finished when they were handing out the last awards and soon we had a line of hungry guests waiting for the Hog Roast Pipewell. We served them and made sure everyone had enough to eat. The chickens were just out of this world! So tender the meat just fell off the bone, one guest came over and said he had never tasted chicken like it soon all were telling us the same. The sausages were placed on sticks and some put them in buns and they were just as good full of meat and full of flavour. We had lots of complements about the salmon some saying it looked too good to eat with the decoration of cucumber and lemon it looked like a work of art but tasted even better! The organiser said again we had done an amazing job and as we left he shouted over ‘ same place same time next year?’ and we Said ‘Most definitely!’.