Host a corporate dinner in 2024 with a catering menu from Hog Roast Teeton

When it comes to catering for corporate events, it is important to have menus in a variety of formalities and serving styles to suit any occasion. Whether you are hosting a casual office lunch or a formal dinner, Hog Roast Teeton has a menu that is right for you! Here is what you can expect when you book in with our team today…

Hog Roast TeetonEvery January, Allisa’s company hosts a formal dinner for managers and shareholders to attend to discuss goals for the new year. This is a great way to set targets and prepare for the year while enjoying a formal meal that perfectly matches the tone of the event. This year, Hog Roast Teeton was hired to cater for the event with our delicious formal dining package. This was chosen since it is the perfect formality for the occasion and is sure to complement the setting and tone of the event. Our catering manager Ben was happy to get involved with this event and quickly began preparing for the occasion.

On the day of the meal, the Hog Roast Teeton team arrived at the venue in the afternoon to prepare our three courses for the 8:00pm serving time. We began with the main course, which was a delicious and warming homemade soup, accompanied by fresh bread and butter. While simplistic, this is incredibly filling and is perfect for enjoying on a cold January evening. Following this, we served the main course, which consisted of delicious sirloin steaks cooked to perfection for the guests. The succulent meat was accompanied by roasted potatoes, red wine gravy, and a selection of seasonal salad dishes to create a varied and nutritious main meal. Finally, for the dessert course, we served individual cheesecakes and chocolate torte, with each dish accompanied by English cream and fresh berries. This created a final course that looked and tasted great and was the perfect way to end the meal.

Are you in need of a caterer for an upcoming corporate event? If so, get in touch with Hog Roast Teeton today to find out what we can do for you! We hope to hear from you soon.