No Space In The Oven For Your Christmas Dinner? Hire A Hog Roast Thenford Hog Roasting Machine!

Right about now you might be planning ahead for your Christmas dinner. You’re looking at your list of dinner guests and stressing out over how you are going to be able to cook enough food for everyone. How will you fit the timing for the turkey with getting the pigs in blankets, the sprouts, the potatoes, and the carrots and parsnips into the oven as well? Why must Christmas dinner always turn into such a stressful effort for what is supposed to be a day for festive cheer?

Well thankfully we at Hog Roast Thenford might be able to help you out. No, we’re not suggesting that you invite a whole catering team into your house on Christmas day to cook up your dinner (as great as that might actually be). We are, however, suggesting that it may be worth hiring out the machines that our catering teams would use to cook up such a Christmas feast.

Hog Roast ThenfordHog Roast Thenford, after all, are specialists in roast dining all year round. We have already solved all the issues of timings and quantities when it comes to a big roast feast, and that is all down to the mobile roasting machines that we use at each and every event we cater. These machines are ingeniously designed by our manufacturing team to be able to withstand the high amount of foods that an event typically needs cooked to exact timings. They are versatile to be able to cook multiple foods at once. For example, while we have a whole hog roast on the go some of our machines will also be able to cook 100 roast potatoes at the same time, or a mix of veg with chicken skewers, ribs, and more.

We offer these machines for hire to customers. This Christmas you could give yourself the perfect gift in renting one from our team and make Christmas dinner a breeze to cook. Hog Roast Thenford can have a look at your menu and propose the perfect machine to use and the best way to go about using it. It’ll make your Christmas feast even more delicious and much easier too allowing you to simply enjoy the day the right way!