A Cablelynx Christmas treat – Hog Roast Corby!

Hog Roast Corby served their popular Southern-styled menu last Friday in Northampton for Cablelynx.

Unfortunately, the weather was miserable and very windy, not that this is a problem for Hog Roast Corby who can cater in any weather, but nice David felt sorry for catering manager Ben and his lovely assistant Becca so invited them inside the factory. So not only did our team stay warm and dry, it meant the 60 staff didn’t have to venture outside into the wet and cold!

Hog Roast Market HarboroughAs the 12:30 serve arrived, the 60 workers dived into their Christmas feast. They had a selection of different meats: 24-hour slowly roasted Texan-BBQ beef brisket which tenderly falls apart and melts in the mouth, slowly roasted bourbon-BBQ pulled pork which is a definite crowd pleaser as the long cooking process makes the meat completely tenderised and soft and Cajun-spiced roast chicken, the Cajun-spice gives the chicken a nice punch which is always very much enjoyed with the guests. The workers were delighted with the choice on offer and thrilled with the taste!

To accompany the scrumptious meats, Hog Roast Corby provided: homemade, coleslaw of course making it crunchy to go with the Southern-theme, American-styled stringy and super delicious Mac and cheese, corn cobettes that had a blanket of warm melted butter running down them and a mixture of sweet potato and traditional fries. Catering managers Ben personal favourite is the sweet potato fries!

Friendly David also requested three portions of Hog Roast Corby’s yummy BBQ pulled jackfruit for the vegetarian and vegan staff members. Catering manager Ben always takes vegans into consideration ensuring that he uses vegan-friendly butter, mayonnaise and rolls so that they can enjoy as much as the spread as possible.

An hour later, the workers had thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas treat coming up again to enjoy more of the delicious food and give their thanks and compliments to the team.