Canapés for the win – Hog Roast Rushden

Hog Roast Rushden have fourteen options you can choose from for your canapés. Depending on what menu you choose will depend on how many canapés you get ranging from four to six.

Canapés can be for your wedding alongside your reception/arrival drinks, the perfect accompaniment to reception drinks or as snack before the main course at a celebration. Hog Roast Rushden doesn’t just make delicious, tasty canapés, they make them look incredible on rustic serving platters with decoration of herbs and food.

The canapé options are listed below:

  1. Hog Roast RushdenGourmet Sausage – mini pork sausages smothered in a luscious honey and wholegrain mustard sauce, served on a cocktail stick to ensure no sticky fingers! A popular favourite amongst guests.
  2. Mini Pizza – who doesn’t love pizza?! Hog Roast Rushden starts with the classic margarita base adding toppings on the customers’ requests.
  3. Dim Sum – A selection of Chinese appetisers ranging from vegetable spring rolls, prawn parcels and money bags. Each get popped into the frier to ensure crispiness.
  4. Wild Mushroom Bouchees – an extremely creamy mushroom, garlic and thyme filling in a puff pastry case. A flavoursome canapé for any mushroom lover!
  5. Chicken satay – three delicious types of marinated juicy chicken popped onto skewers and served with a sweet chilli dip. This always goes down well with guests!
  6. Indian selection – a classic favourite choice! A medley of vegetable samosas, pakoras and onion bajah, a whole lot of spice creating a party in the mouth!
  7. Pate encroute – a crispy garlic flavoured crouton covered with a smooth Brussels pate
  8. Thai chicken kebabs – a rainbow of colour with marinated Thai chicken with peppers on a skewer, completely flavourful!
  9. Grilled Fillet of beef – The best part of a Sunday roast made into a canapé! A mini crispy Yorkshire pudding filled with a drop off horseradish and a swirl of beef, finished with a sprinkling of chives, such a dream!
  10. Smoked salmon – brown bread layered with either butter or cream cheese and a smoked salmon ribbons and swirls with fresh dill sprinkled on top and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and zest. This is a particular favourite as it compliments champagne and Prosecco well which are popular reception drinks.
  11. Halloumi kebabs – who doesn’t like halloumi?! Especially when its covered with sweet caramelised onions and cooked perfectly!
  12. Duck wraps – A tasty hoisin duck spring roll accompanied with vegetables, garlic and ginger – yum!
  13. Mini Burger – 100% British beef mini burgers served with lettuce on a bread base with a tasty and sweet tomato salsa.

Hog Roast Rushden makes all the canapés with love and fresh on site, have a browse and book in your canapé menu today! Even though all of our canapés are party pleasers, Hog Roast Rushden would particularly recommend the fillet of beef, smoked salmon, halloumi kebabs and the Indian selection.