A Corporate Feast – Hog Roast Wyboston

For a delicious meal served by experts who care, Hog Roast Wyboston is known far and wide, and not only for our amazing hog roast centrepieces. We love to give our customers plenty of choice when it comes to catering any kind of party or event, so within our extensive menus, you’ll find a wide array of possibilities to satisfy all of your guests and turn your next special occasion from simply good to absolutely great.

Hog Roast WybostonIn terms of alternative dishes, we can prepare, cook and serve all kinds of options, including different meat to our famous Hog Roast Wyboston hog roasts, like a barbecue, spit-roasted turkeys, chickens, lamb or beef, or one of our special standalone menus. With our Loaded Fries, you can treat your guests to freshly-made chips, covered in beef or pork, and smothered in melting cheese and your choice of slaw, or our Southern Slow Roast may be just the ticket instead, as you decide on three marinated meats and four hot or cold sides from several.

We never forget about any guests on special diets, though, so if you’re inviting vegans, vegetarians or guests with food intolerances or allergies, let us know when you book our services and you can be sure that everyone can enjoy our food on the day. We can also provide menus consisting of multiple courses, and with a large number of starters, sides, desserts and handmade canapés on offer, we can help you to create the menu of your dreams, so you can wow all of your guests from start to finish.

Hog Roast Wyboston recently catered a corporate function for one of our long-term customers, where we cooked up a hog roast for most of the guests over several hours, in order to make our renowned pigs in buns, but we also catered for vegetarian guests with our halloumi and veg skewers. While the meat sizzled to absolute perfection, our team prepared the fixings of rolls, wraps, apple sauce and stuffing, grilled the vegetables and cheese for the skewers, and finally, by 2pm, we had a late lunch feast ready to serve.