Come Dine With Me: Hog Roast Woodford Halse Edition

Hog Roast NorthamptonshireIf you’re anything like us then you loved the show Come Dine With Me and dreamed of getting to go on the show yourself to show off the best of your culinary skills. Of course, we never got an opportunity to here at Hog Roast Woodford Halse, but on a frequent basis we get to do the next best thing which is to help some of our customers put on their very own “Come Dine with Me” nights between friends and family.

Whenever we get asked to do this the style of our aid often differs. Some want one of our Hog Roast Woodford Halse chefs to come out to their house and do all the prep and cooking before the guests arrive so that the host can have the best menu ready for them come dinner time – a method that is assured to get 10s all round for the dinner! Other requests have one of our chefs actually remain on hand for the party so that they can do a “live” presentation of our famed pork roast for the entirety of the dining table. This often includes wheeling out our pork in the roasting unit as it continues to roast up to the very final moment, wherein our chef then finely carves up the meat in front of the party and dishes it out as fresh as can possibly be!

Hog Roast NorthamptonshireBut some instances are a little more hands off from the Hog Roast Woodford Halse team and instead only involves our aid in the form of leasing out our state-of-the-art catering equipment and providing the high-grade, locally sourced meats that we typically cater with for our own events. We had this during the week where we provided all the necessities to the Come Dine With Me party host so that they could do a live hog roast for their guests on the night themselves. This involved a small bit of training and advice upon delivery of the machine and meats from one of our chefs so that our customer would be well set to rake in the 10s, and from what we have heard since they most certainly did!