Hog Roast Easton On The Hill Served A Southern Feast at an International Jazz Day Celebration

Hog Roast NorthamptonshireJazz, with its rich history and diverse influences, holds a special place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. And every year on April 30th, the world comes together to celebrate this iconic genre on what’s known as International Jazz Day.

This year, Hog Roast Easton On The Hill had the privilege of adding a delicious note to the festivities after being asked by Jocelyn to cater for an event at her jazz club in the heart of the city.

Taking the lead on this booking was our catering manager, Ben, whose passion for creating memorable dining experiences shone through every step of the way. Drawing inspiration from jazz’s Louisiana roots and paying homage to the flavours of the Deep South, we decided to serve our Southern Slow Roast spread on this occasion.

Hours before the event commenced, the Hog Roast Easton On The Hill team was hard at work, ensuring every detail was perfect. Meats marinated in secret rubs sizzled over real flames, infusing them with scrumptious flavours and tenderness. From Louisiana-style sticky pork ribs to Texan beef brisket and Cajun whole roast chickens, each dish was a tribute to the soulful cuisine of the South.

For our meat-free guests, we prepared BBQ-pulled jackfruit, capturing the essence of barbecue without compromising on taste.

Alongside these sumptuous mains, a trio of classic sides – Memphis-style crunchy coleslaw, creamy mac and cheese, and zesty potato salad – completed the feast.

As guests arrived, they were greeted by the enticing sight of our buffet, brimming with a delectable array of dishes. The carved meats, pulled jackfruit and mac and cheese were nestled in chafing dishes, while baskets of bread rolls and wraps awaited eager hands. Our lineup of condiments and dips, including our signature smokey sweet BBQ glaze and hickory bourbon BBQ sauce, added the perfect finishing touch.

Hog Roast northamptonshireWith plates piled high, guests settled in to enjoy an evening of sensational music from a lineup of talented jazz musicians. As the music filled the air and the flavours of the Deep South danced on their palates, guests couldn’t help but be swept away by the magic of International Jazz Day. And for Hog Roast Easton On The Hill, it was an honour to play a part in such a memorable celebration of a genre that continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.